Explore this page for answers to the most common questions about AffiniPay. For additional information, contact our in-house payment experts for friendly, personalized support.

  • Can I take payments online?

    Yes! You don’t need a terminal or any other equipment to use AffiniPay. Our technology is designed specifically to let your association take and manage payments online. We will provide you with a free USB swiper in case you prefer to swipe cards for in-person payments. Additionally, you can download the AffiniPay app and purchase our mobile swiper for on-site event payments.

  • Can I accept debit cards?

    Yes! AffiniPay for Associations lets you run credit, debit, and ACH transactions.

  • How do your rates compare to my current processor?

    We are proud to offer extremely competitive rates and transparent pricing. We’d love to perform a detailed cost comparison for you to compare our rates to your current provider. Contact us to request a comparison today.

  • Can I schedule future payments?

    Yes. With our Scheduled Payments feature, you can authorize future transactions to run on any schedule you set. Schedule payments to run for a designated amount of time, or until a total dollar amount has been reached. Learn more about Scheduled Payments.

  • What is PCI compliance?

    PCI compliance is a set of standards implemented by the card brands that regulate how businesses and organizations handle, store, and transmit credit card information. Your AffiniPay account includes a PCI compliance program for your association at no extra cost to help you stay compliant. Learn more in our support center.

  • Is your software secure?

    Here at AffiniPay, security is our number one priority. Our technology exceeds standards for internet security and PCI Level 1 compliance. Learn more about our advanced security measures.

  • How quickly will I see funds deposit into my account?

    You’ll be able to see new transactions in your AffiniPay account as “pending” just minutes after they’re run, and the funds themselves will be deposited within 1–3 business days. Next day funding is available on request.

  • Do you work in Canada?

    Yes! We’re happy to serve organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada.