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5 Surefire Ways Associations Can Improve Member Recruitment

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Best Practices

12 Expert Tips to Help Associations Attract More Sponsors

Securing sponsorships is certainly challenging, but it’s not impossible. Here's how to bring on new sponsors and hold onto the ones you have.

Callie Hinman 2019-07-03

5 Surefire Ways Associations Can Improve Member Recruitment

Here are five tried and true ways you can improve recruitment for your association.

Callie Hinman 2019-05-22

Increase Member Engagement with These 4 Smart Strategies

Take a look at four ways you can make sure members are actively engaged in your association from day one.

Callie Hinman 2019-06-05
Best Practices

Why Every Association Needs to Use Analytics Dashboards

Here's everything you need to know about analytics dashboards and why they're essential for your association.

Callie Hinman 2019-06-19
Best Practices

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Association’s Financial Health

Here are three tips your association can implement to strengthen your financial health.

Callie Hinman 2019-07-31
Online Payments

What Associations Need to Know About PCI Compliance

One of the best ways you can show members you care is also one of the most inconspicuous—keeping sensitive information safe by maintaining PCI compliance.

Callie Hinman 2019-09-11
Online Payments

How AffiniPay Helped Massachusetts CLE Transform Their Payments

See how AffiniPay was able to work together with MCLE to successfully manage what was referred to as a “nearly impossible project.”

Amy Mann 2020-03-30
Best Practices

Financial Reporting for Associations 101

Here are 4 key financial statements every association manager should have on their radar.

Callie Hinman 2019-08-14

Can associations surcharge for credit card fees?

We’ll discuss what it means to surcharge in the context of credit cards, whether the practice is legal, and most importantly, when and if it’s smart to do it.

John Lehman 2020-03-18
Online Payments

Building a Best-in-Class Payment Integration for MCLE with AffiniPay Technology

When Massachusetts CLE (MCLE) needed assistance with shopping cart optimization, one of their biggest challenges was finding a payment processor that could effectively co-manage the project with their technology partner, Binary Minds.

Amy Mann 2020-04-08
Online Payments

AffiniPay Offers ICPAS Improved Support and Faster Reconciliation

Learn why the Illinois CPA Society (ICPAS) decided to dissolve the relationship with their current payment processor and partner with AffiniPay instead.

Amy Mann 2020-04-20
Best Practices

5 Smart Ways Associations Can Prepare for an Audit or Review

Learn 5 preparation tips your association can use to help your next audit or review go smoothly.

Callie Hinman 2019-08-28

4 Effective Strategies for Boosting Member Loyalty in Associations

Discover how to make membership in your association an integral part of your members' lives.

Callie Hinman 2019-07-17

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